Sonorous and soaring, James Keyes’s voice is one you’ll recognize immediately. Described by the Boston Globe as “a baritone like brewed black coffee” James Keyes is an artist whose music defies easy categorization. Blending rock'n'roll, blues, folk and country into a seamless one man acoustic performance, catching James Keyes live will be an experience you won’t forget and will keep you coming back for more. 

Born at sea and bred in New England, James Keyes is an musician with a rich tapestry of tastes and influences. With voice like granite and sea salt Keyes came up through the DIY punk rock scene and has carried that aesthetic with him through his whole career. With the release of his first solo album Ruminations in 2010 he built a solid cult following with endless live performances. His second album Devil Take The Hindmost peaked appropriately enough at  #13 on the Americana charts in 2011 and was quickly followed by The Middle, a crossover album which garnered enough attention to land him an opening spot for Everlast on tour.

In 2016 he put out the critically acclaimed 4 part album series To The Earth which was released over the course of one year on solstices and equinoxes followed in 2018 by Content Provider, a self produced ambient instrumental album further pushing the creative limits of what might be considered folk music.

2022 will see the release of New Frequency Response, an album navigating the changed world of music through the lack of live shows, an ongoing worldwide pandemic, a shifting social landscape and generally uncertain times. Recorded in his barn on little more than an iPhone, New Frequency Response further cements Keyes' DIY approach and fiercely independent attitude towards creating music on his own terms.